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Internal Examinations

  • Three internal examinations i.e 1st Achievement test, Mid-Term and Pre-Board examination shall be held during the academic session.
  • Pass marks for each subject shall be 40%. Where a subject comprises theory and practical, the candidate shall have to pass both theory and practical examinations with 40% marks each.
  • Annual Assessment shall be calculated on the basis of average result of internal examinations
  • It will be compulsory for the students to clear all subject in all internal exams with more than 40% marks. Failure to do so will make him/her liable not to appear in the BISE annual examination.
  • The college will have the right to withdraw the name of any student from the final list of BISE annual examination under following conditions
    • 1.If his/her attendance falls below 75%.
      2.If he/she fails to pass all internal examinations with 40% marks.
      3.If he/she is comes lait to college exceeding 30 days in a session.
  • There will be stringent conditions for Goodwill/Talent scholarship students. Their names can be withdrawn from scholarship list under following conditions.
    • 1.If his/her attendance falls below 90%.
      2.If he/she secure less than 80% marks in any subject of internal examinations.
      3.The/she comes late to college for more than 20 days in a session.