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Peshawar Model Degree College

chairman message

I am grateful to Allah Almighty for His endless blessings upon me by granting me my lifelong wish to establish quality educational institutions. I am highly indebted to (my cousin) Late Professor M. Ismail Sethi, an academician of great repute, who acted as my friend, supporter academician and philosopher and guide in pursuing my dream and vision into reality. I have the highest regard for my mentor.

The journey from Peshawar Model School to Peshawar Model Educational Institutes spans over 37 years of continuous struggle for excellence in the field of education.Organizations are not built overnight or by one single individual. These are grown in decades and centuries. Their credibility and sustainability owes a lot to many individuals, who work selflessly and untiringly in transforming the vision into reality. In the case of PMEIs, they include the faculty, administrative staff of the institutes, and more important the trust of parents, whose constant feedback help us to improve our standard.

The mission before PMEIs is to prepare the youth in such a manner that they become independent learners and critical thinkers. They are able to meet the challenges of 21s t century and above all carve a destiny of their own. I hope and pray that this legacy will be promoted with the same dedication, sincerity missionary zeal in the years to come and the name of PMEIs becomes synonymous with quality education. May Allah Almighty reward our endeavours.