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Peshawar Model Degree College

rules and regulations


  • Discipline is accorded top priority at Peshawar Model Degree Colleges. Being young, the students may have tendencies to deviate from their main objectives and transgress their disciplinary obligations.
  • Rules and regulations pertaining to discipline and conduct have, therefore, been guided to check and regulate these tendencies and take remedial measures.
  • Students and their parents should educate themselves about these rules and regulations to be aware of their obligations.

  • Some pertinent instructions are listed below:

  • Students should be neatly dressed in the prescribed college uniform in the college premises.
  • Students must obtain the college identity-cards within one week of their admission and must be in possession of the same during college hours.
  • Students should keep the college premises clean and avoid throwing around wrappers and trash etc.
  • A student found breaking or damaging the college property shall be penalized heavily. A repetition of the same act will make him liable to be rusticated or even thrown out of the college.
  • Students must be regular and punctual in attending classes. Bunking the classes shall be considered a serious breach of discipline.
  • Students must be respectful, obedient and courteous to the faculty members, office staff, supporting staff, fellow students and visitors of the institution. They are to avoid impolite and rude behaviour and conduct themselves with grace, dignity and modesty both inside and outside the College premises.
  • Cheating in the examinations, stealing or telling lies shall be viewed as serious breaches of good discipline and behaviour. The use of unfair means (UFM) in examinations shall be considered a serious violation of rules and shall lead to expulsion from the college.
  • Smoking, use of drugs, chewing "paan", taking "naswar", bringing valuable items, mobile-phones, fire-arms, weapons, video-games, radios, cameras etc are strictly prohibited.
  • Driving motorbikes and cars by the PMDC students is also strictly banned for PMDCs students.
  • Parents must visit the college whenever required by the Principal. They are to positively attend the college for Parent Teacher meetings to discus the performance of their children/wards and suggest measures for their improvement, if any.
  • Violation of rules may result in imposition of fine, suspension, rustication or expulsion from the college, depending on the gravity of the offense
  • Students should contact their tutors in all matters relating to academics and other college affairs.
  • The decision of the Principal in all matters related to admission, discipline, behaviour, suspension, rustication, expulsion, working hours, etc. shall be final.

  • Internal Examinations:

  • Monthly tests shall be held regularly. These tests carry 40% pass -marks in each subject.
  • Students are also to submit their assignments on specified date and time.
  • Mid -Term Detention and Pre -Board examinations shall be held once during the academic session. Pass marks for each subject shall be 40%.
  • Where a subject comprises theory and practical, the candidate shall have to pass theory and practical examinations separately with 40% marks each.
  • Annual Assessment shall be calculated on the basis of average result of Monthly Tests and the Two Term Examinations. Students who fail to achieve the required academic standards shall be detained and not allowed to appear in the Board Examination.
  • A student shall be penalized for being absent from a Monthly -Test or a Term -Examination.
  • Students of Goodwill Scholarship if fail to display good results will be deprived of all the exemptions.


  • Students are required to regularly attend the classes (lectures, practicals, tutorials) throughout the academic session. They shall be fined for being absent from any activity.
  • The college administration appreciates 90% or above attendance in the college.
  • If a student is absent for a valid reason, his leave -application must be sent to the Principal on the same / next day, signed by his Parents / Guardian.
  • In all cases, leave taken by the student shall be at his own risk. Even a medical certificate shall not condone a deficiency in the required attendance percentage.
  • Leave / absence just before or after a local / gazetted holiday is not acceptable and is subject to penalty.