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Peshawar Model Degree College


Peshawar Model Degree College (Boys) Dalazak Road, Peshawar has established a male hostel just adjacent to College Campus. The students from remote areas are facilitated residential accommodation and missing facilities. The hostel is equipped with indoor/ outdoor sports activities & spacious grounds / rooms and secure environment. This facility is provided on first-come first-served basis. The hostel management endeavours to cater for optimum facilities required for day-to-day living of the students.


  • Following are some salient features of hostel life:
  • Wellfurnished accommodation
  • Standard messing facility with balanced and palatable meals.
  • Free facilities for Laundry, Shoe Polish, Barber and Room Service
  • Indoor / Outdoor Games
  • Free telephone call facility
  • Audio-Video facilities, LCDs, DVD Players, Computers, Multimedias and Internet (only during leisure period).
  • Mosque
  • Supervised studies underthe supervision of faculty members, warden and Principal.
  • Weekly leisure trip to market place.
  • Canteen/Tuck-shop.
  • First aid medical facility
  • Uninterrupted power supply


  • CONDUCT & DISCIPLINE Hostel students are to strictly follow the following code of conduct and discipline.
  • Fire-arms, weapons or any type of explosives are strictly prohibited.
  • Keeping unauthorized persons in the room allotted to a hostel resident is not permitted.
  • Shifting to room other than the one allotted to the resident without prior permission from the warden is not allowed.
  • Non-payment of hostel dues beyond a prescribed period, for which allotment is made in the hostel, shall disqualify the occupant from staying in the hostel.
  • Keeping or using drugs or intoxicants, other than those prescribed by the authorized doctor is strictly forbidden.
  • Engaging in any immoral, agitational and violent activity or creating nuisance or disturbance shall be strictly dealt with.
  • Inviting or entertaining female visitors in the hostel is not allowed.
  • Causing wilful damage to Hostel property and causing damage by acts of vandalism, removal or damaging hostel infrastructure shall be considered grounds for expulsion from the college with heavy fine.
  • Use of abusive language against other residents, authorities and employees shall be viewed as gross violation of discipline.
  • Igniting parochial, linguistic, sectarian or religious feelings among hostel residents shall not be tolerated.
  • Leaving the hostel premises without prior permission from competent authorities is not permitted. Hostel schedule is to be strictly followed.
  • Owing to security and safety reasons, the hostel authorities reserve the right to search the personal belongings and baggage of the residents at the time of entering the hostel or while even residing in the allotted accommodation.
  • Cooking or eating in the hostel rooms is strictly prohibited. Placing order for bringing edible deliveries are not allowed.
  • The hostel administration is not responsible forthe loss ofany property ofthe hostel residents.
  • Valuable items are to be kept with hostel authorities.
  • Damages will be recovered from those responsible for damage to hostel property.
  • No newspapers, periodicals or magazines are to be removed from the reading room.
  • Students shall take due care of the hostel property. Water wastage should be avoided.
  • Defacing walls and damaging fittings and fixtures are strictly prohibited. Moreover, furniture or fixtures are not to be moved from one room to another. Residents are particularly warned against removing furniture from the hostel and common room.
  • Students must keep their rooms clean and tidy. Beds should be properly arranged and laid out.
  • Dirty clothes should be stored separately for wash up. Dining Hall and common room are to be kept clean.
  • Spitting in rooms, verandah or on stairs is prohibited.
  • All waste papers and garbage must be thrown in receptacles provided forthis purpose.
  • No religious ceremony of a particular sect which may hurt the feelings of other sects is to be arranged in the hostel.
  • No boarder shall indulge in any amusement that disturbs other boarders. No TV/ Radio and Tape Recorders are permitted in rooms.
  • A student who has been found guilty of misconduct or indiscipline by the competent authority shall be expelled from the hostel.
  • Schedule for prayers, Dining Hall and prep timings is to be strictly followed.
  • Senior students of the hostel council are to be given due respect. Their orders are to be followed in letter and spirit.
  • Only registered Guests/ Parents can visit the hostel on weekends for which the student has to submit ID Cards ofthe Guests/ Parents.
  • Keeping cell-phones and other electronic equipment in the hostel is strictly prohibited.
  • Students can use Hostel phone for their private purposes. They can make one call daily in their spare time.


To provide the PM DC students an opportunity to outshine their counterparts from KPK, coaching classes and supervised studies are arranged in PMDC Hostel free of cost. These coaching classes have become very important in the lives of the students. The approach in these classes is centered towards students to acquire conceptual grasp of complex subjects and get high marks in the exam. In today's world a student's standard is analyzed on the basis of his score-card. PMDC teaching staff teach the hostel students throughout the session in the afternoon. They focus on their weak areas so that they have no difficulty in answering any question that comes in the board exams.


Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are very important for students, as they help them sharpen their creativity and develop diverse healthy interests among them . Keeping in view the importance of extracurricular activities, PMDC administration organizes After Dinner Literary Activities (ADLA) for Hostel students regularly. In ADLA, students take part in activities such as:

  • Declamation
  • Debate
  • Essay Writing
  • A Poetry Recitation
  • Spell Be Competition
  • Quiz Competition
  • Variety Programmes and National song competitions

ADLA provides the students a much needed but useful respite from studies. It not only helps the student emotionally, but also enhances their preparatory skills too. Students who take part in ADLA generally do better in exams for CSS and armed forces and have well-rounded and all- encompassing personalities.