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Peshawar Model Degree College

Managing Director message

It is a great honour and privilege for me to be appointed the Director of Peshawar Model Degree Colleges. With this honour, comes a great responsibility to lead, to incite, to inspire and be a role model for faculty and students. It is a sensitive, continous and difficult work to be done by watching, by warning, by perceiving and by appreciating.

I consider it my responsibility to carry out the vision of the Chairman Mr. Zahoor Sethi and the mission of the Managing Director Mr. Sabur Sethi with all the knowledge and experience I have in the field of education. By the Grace of Allah Almighty, Peshawar Model Degree Colleges are constantly expanding due to their good repute and excellent results. To maintain this progress, certain strategies have been accepted. In all the branches of PM DCs, full time faculty is on the role. They are selected on the basis of sound academic background in their respective disciplines.

Teaching and learning is a continous process. I encourage my faculty to keep themselves abreast with the latest curricula, teaching techniques, strategies and methodologies. For this purpose, extensive teachers training and workshops are held regularly to enhance their professional competence, capacity and skills.

Moreover, emphasis is also laid on allround personality development of students besides studies. They are provided ample opportunities to display their hidden potentialities. Great emphasis is laid on discipline and character building of students. Our objective at PMDCs is to produce youth with a balanced approach and global view who can serve humanity without any racial, regional or lingual biases. We are constantly in touch with parents through SMS and parents teachers meetings to keep them updated on their children's academic progress. Their cooperation is highly valued in this regard.