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Peshawar Model Degree College

coaching classes



Pre-College Coaching At the end of every SSC examination, Pre-College Coaching Classes are conducted in all PMDCs to provide a solid base to the students in the subjects of Chemistry, Physics, Biology/Maths and English. These classes are conducted by the senior faculty members of Peshawar Model Degree Colleges. This is a two-months course and faculty members finish the whole first year course within the prescribed time. Classes are conducted in the morning. Transport facility is also provided to the students for pick and drop.




In order to help students to fruitfully utilize their summer vacations after the lst year final examination special 2nd year Coaching Classes are arranged at Peshawar Model Degree Colleges. Main subjects such as English, Physics, Chemistry/Computer Science and Maths/ Biology are taught. The duration of the 2nd year coaching classes is two months. Presently, second year coaching classes are conducted at PMDC (Girls) Peshawar, PMDC (Boys-Girls) Mardan and PM DC (Boys) Hayatabad.




Entry Test classes are also conducted by experienced faculty members at the end of FSc final examination, at City University Dalazak Road Peshawar, PM DC (Boys) Nowshera Road Mardan, PM DC (Girls) Malakand Road Mardan and PM DC (Boys) Hayatabad. City University, have separate classrooms for boys and girls. Special practice tests are also conducted every Sunday. These tests give the students a clear picture of their preparation for Entry Tests. Preparation of Entry test strengthen students academic muscles and display good results in their final test. Each section of a class has been provided a tutor from specified faculty members. Tutorial period is conducted once a month to discuss educational, individual and collective problems in an informal manner. Period allocation for this purpose is placed at the discretion of the tutor. The tutor maintains the academic, co-curricular and personal record of each student. He supervises and evaluates the students performance and remains in contact with their parents. Hence, an atmosphere of better understanding prevails among the students, parents, teachers and college administration.